We are Helsinki based angel investors with a passion for new ideas and a track record of building successful businesses.

We support extraordinary founders who have a passion for their business and the right combination of skills –
or ‘Edge’ – to deliver their vision.

We know how hard the journey can be and work closely with founders to maximize their success – from product validation to growth, and the creation of valuable companies.


Stage: We invest in pre-seed startups. Our initial tickets range from €100-250k.

Role: We often take the lead in larger rounds, and co-invest with seed funds and other angel investors.

Sector: We focus on startups with a B2B SaaS component, but also invest outside of this area.

Geography: Finland mainly, but also the Baltics and other Nordic countries.

Ambition: We look for founders with a clear vision to create 10x value for their customers compared to the alternatives.




Henry Nilert is a Swedish entrepreneur with a background living and working in France, the US, the United Kingdom and Finland. He has extensive experience building successful startups, as co-founder of iobox, one of the largest early mobile entertainment portals in Europe, and co-founder of Credit24, a leading online lending platform in Finland, the Baltics, and beyond. As advisor and angel investor he has supported a large number of startups, with a focus on B2B SaaS, marketplaces and Fintech.


Ali Omar is a Finnish-born, multifaceted, technology enthusiast. He has a unique background as a medical doctor, private investor and entrepreneur. He was the co-founder of Med Group (Onni Terveys), built from 0 to €100m revenue in 10 years with the help of VC and private equity funds, and sold in 2018 to Tradeka-Yhtiöt Oy and Colosseum Dental Group. Ali has experience navigating regulated markets and applies his diverse background and skills to mentor multiple B2B SaaS companies.


Pekka is a Finnish MD PhD with a strong background in medicine and the healthcare sector, public and private. He has previously worked in Helsinki University Hospital and has clinical and academic experience. He currently runs a family office investment portfolio with a strong interest in B2B SaaS, pharma and medtech. He is an active investor and works closely with portfolio companies either as an advisor or board member.

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